To African Caribbean Partners
It is hard enough trying to find a suitable partner these days, with the growing number of Internet sites claiming to offer such facilities, only to find out it is a lot of hard work, and more often than not, the results are quite disappointing!
At African Caribbean Partners we realise that there are many members of the African and Caribbean communities settled in UK, who would rather utilise the services of an established agency, where they can get the personal touch.
Whether you originate from an African or Caribbean background, or you are a non-African or non-Caribbean individual looking for a partner from either of these communities, our aim is to make that process easier for you.
With over 41 years of experience from our sister company, Suman Marriage Bureau (Established 1972), which caters for the global Asian community in UK, we feel that we are in a prime position to extend the services to other ethnic communities, hence the presence today of African Caribbean Partners.

About Us

We are an office based service established since October 2010, with the aim of providing a personal service to genuine candidates who are seeking a genuine partner for marriage or long term relationship.
Many Internet sites are operated from outside of the UK, and make it difficult to know whether they will have people for you to meet in the UK—and then there are issues about whether the person is actually who they say they are, and is it safe to meet them.
We aim to cater for individuals who are mainly settled anywhere in UK and are looking to find a partner. Our matching is based on suitability rather than locality, although this can be taken into consideration if necessary.
By meeting people that we have selected for you, after taking into consideration your requirements, and those of the other person, your time and efforts are saved in the initial search process, and you have a greater element of safety as we will only be introducing members to you, who have been ID verified*, and are registered with us.
In addition, there is also a greater chance of success as you are meeting the sort of person you are looking for, and vice versa. The hit and miss element is removed in this method of looking for a partner. Due to agencies generally having a higher fee structure than the typical website, you are also less likely to come across time-wasters or individuals who are just ‘looking for fun’.